What Should I Expect?

We warmly welcome you to our 10 a.m. Sunday gathering.  During the seasons of Lent and Advent, we usually start at 9:45 for quiet music and meditation.  Parking is on the street.  Simply come in through the green front doors on Westminster Avenue.  Upon entering, take a right and head up the stairs to the sanctuary; sit anywhere you like.

How Should I Dress?

Please wear what you feel most comfortable in!  Our community is a good mix of laid back casual to more formal wear.

What Happens During The Worship Service?

The service begins with a brief welcome and call to worship from our pastor. Our music team then leads us into worship. Following our singing, we present our offerings (guests and visitors are not expected to participate in this) and then spend some time praying together as a congregation. A different member of our community who provides the theme or focus for our prayers hosts our corporate prayer time each week.

Sermons are about 25-30 minutes, and we generally run sermon series, which focus us on a set of passages and themes from the Bible. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (also known as the Lord’s Table, communion, and Eucharist) every Sunday. The Lord’s Supper begins with a congregational creedal confession (e.g., the Apostle’s Creed), a prayer of confession, and then sharing together in the bread and the cup.

During communion, members of our prayer team are up front and available to pray with and for anyone desiring prayer.

This part of our weekly worship ends, usually around 11:30 or so, with a pastoral blessing. Worship continues downstairs as we enjoy some great food together. Members of our congregation take turns in supplying refreshments week by week.

What Is The Church Community Like?

We are a group of different people who share a common love in a God who loves us, and a common interest in walking with Jesus in our daily lives. Welcome and hospitality matter a lot to us. We’re interested in you for who you are. We would enjoy getting to know you, allowing you to get to know us, and to give you whatever time and space you’d like for that.

Our regular Sunday gathering consists of between 40 and 50 people, and our community is a bit larger than that. We come from all walks of life and all age groups.  A large number of us live in Arlington, but we also have members from Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, Belmont, Lexington, and other surrounding cities and towns.

Do You Offer Childcare?

Yes. We offer infant and toddler care every Sunday as needed. Our regular children’s ministry, “River of Life” (ages 3 to about 8) takes place during the sermon.  We pray for the students and their teachers. River of Life provides a time of sharing and learning a piece of God’s story and takes place in one of the New Covenant School classrooms behind the sanctuary. Our ministry for older children meets every other week during the sermon.

Children of all ages are also welcome to stay with their parents for the service!  Our balcony area provides a quiet spot for nursing mothers who wish to listen to the service.

What If I’m Not A Christian?

You are welcome here! Most all of us started as “not yet Christians,” and have been through our various journeys to arrive at our convictions and commitments as followers of Jesus. We all have to start from where we are, so we’re glad to have you.

You come with your convictions, priorities and questions; we of course have our convictions, priorities—and questions! The fact that we may disagree about some things does not mean that you aren’t welcome to worship with us, get to know us, and explore the ways in which our church might play a role in God’s good work in you. If after spending some time with us, you’d like to talk further about the ways you might become more involved in the life and work of our church, we would welcome the opportunity to talk that over with you. If you decide we’re not the right place, we would then like to help you find something closer to that “right place”.