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December 30th, 2009


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Thanks for visiting Covenant Church’s website! I hope you’ll find it a helpful introduction to the life and ministry of our church community. And, having paid us a “virtual visit” via the Internet, I hope you’ll pay us an in-person visit whenever your travels bring you to Arlington, Massachusetts!

If I could capture what Covenant Church is all about in a short phrase, I’d pick “spiritual growth.” We desire to be Christ’s servants to anyone who desires to grow spiritually, to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. Because we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, spiritual growth touches every area of life. We want to follow Jesus in our prayer life and our work life; in our marriages, households and families; in how we spend our time and in how we spend our money; in how we relate to one another and in how we care for God’s good creation. The more we learn about following Jesus Christ, the more we are amazed and transformed by his grace and love!

So welcome to our little “home” on the web. We’d welcome your feedback on this website. And know that you’re always welcome into the life and work of our church. It would be our great joy and privilege to serve you in any way we can!

Brian Emmet